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7/3/2012 3:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 7/3/2012 1:59:22 PM EASTERN
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Hermitage man pleased with heart procedure at Heart & Vascular Institute

“My heart procedure was very successful and I’m very pleased I had it at Sharon Regional,” says Dave Mannion. The 56-year-old Hermitage man is referring to his heart ablation performed by Glen Miske, D.O., board certified cardiac electrophysiologist, in Sharon Regional’s Heart & Vascular Institute.

An irregular, fast heart beat last summer started a series of heart tests and medications for Dave. A visit to his family medicine physician, Charles D’Auria, D.O., led to a stress test at the Heart & Vascular Institute, then referrals to Sharon Regional’s Michael Burley, M.D., FACC, interventional cardiology, and Maninder Bedi, M.D., electrophysiology. Tests included wearing a heart monitor and several electrophysiology studies.

A pacemaker to control Dave’s heart rhythm was considered but the ablation, which is performed with a thin catheter positioned inside the heart, was determined the best option.

“These specialists do these procedures every, all day, so Sharon was where I wanted to have it done,” says Dave, a sales rep with Vector Security for 32 years. “Sharon brings these specialists here so I had no problem with it.”

“I had very good care from everyone involved. My follow up care is excellent and I would give a five-star rating across the board.”  

For more information, call Sharon Regional’s Heart & Vascular Institute at 724-983-3882.